Hi, I'm Jillian Kozyra

software developer, entrepreneur,

baker, crafter, & occasional blogger.


About me

Professionally, I am a technologist and CEE observer based in San Francisco. I graduated from NYU in 2010 with degrees in Computer Science and Russian. I then went to graduate school at Uniwersytet Jagielloński in Kraków, Poland, where I received an MA in Central and Eastern European Studies in 2012. Should one wish to read it, the tome otherwise known as my dissertation on coalition formation in the Ukrainian parliament from 2006-2012 can be found here. I speak Russian decently and Polish and Irish slightly less decently, and can read in Latin.

I am currently a senior software engineer / tech lead at Atrium, working primarily on backend and data engineering in Ruby and Python.

Career Highlights

Jan '18- Present
Atrium, Senior Software Engineer
Jun '17- Dec '18
Facebook, Software Engineer
Feb '12- Dec '17
StableRenters, CTO & Co-Founder
Oct '14- May '17
Google, Search Quality Strategist
Jan '13- July '14
NYU/SUNY, Researcher/Software Developer
May '09- Dec '09
IBM, Extreme Blue Intern


Sep '10- Sep '12
Jagiellonian University, CEE Studies
Sep '05- May '10
NYU, Computer Science & Russian
Jun '04- Aug '04
Stanford University, Mathematics

Further details are in my complete CV.

Crafty Things

I like to make things. Over the years, my craft obsessions have ranged from drawing Celtic artwork to knitting dog jumpers. There was a huge modular origami phase in there, too, for awhile. But ultimately, the craft that I keep coming back to is needlework. I primarily do counted cross stitch (think converting symbols on grid paper into an image), although I've dabbled in needlepoint. At this point, I've amassed quite a collection of completed works. Here they are. (HINT: If you click on them, they get bigger.)


Baking Brainy

Once upon a time (in college, when I had loads of time), I used to bake a lot. I started this blog as a way of keeping my recipes in one place. It's slightly neglected these days but still receives the occasional update and holds a wealth of fairly delicious recipes. I have a slew of updates partially written but completely unpublished, but I swear I'll get to it.

It's My Pierogi-tive

In 2010, I moved to Poland to pursue an MA in Central and Eastern European Studies at Jagiellonian University in Krakow. This blog was originally intended to serve as something of a guide to moving to Poland, but it rapidly deteriorated. You can now find my rants and general thoughts about Russia & Eastern Europe here.